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Sunday, March 3, 2024

1. The General Assembly of ICACIT (AGI)

It is made up of the following Non-Profit Associations:

• CONFIEP (National Confederation of Private Business Institutions).
• CIP (Colegio de Ingenieros del Perú).
API (Peruvian Academy of Engineering).
APESOFT (Peruvian Software Association).
Sección Perú del IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

ICACIT will be able to incorporate more representative Institutions of all the Professional Careers of Engineering, Technology and Computing to its General Assembly, previous request approved by the corresponding organs.

2. The Board of Directors of ICACIT (CDI)
It is the body responsible for the management of ICACIT. Its mission is to conduct activities to achieve ICACIT's objectives, with the guidance of the General Assembly.
The CDI is made up of (01) a President, (01) a Vice President, (01) a Secretary, (01) a Treasurer and (02) two Members.

3. The Accreditation Committees (CAs)
Each CTA is made up of (01) a President and (02) two Members, and its mission includes:

- Appoint the Heads of Team and Program Evaluators for the evaluation visits
- Write the Final Accreditation Declaration and send it to the evaluated Institution.

ICACIT has three Accreditation Committees:
- The Engineering Accreditation Committee (CAI).
- The Technology Accreditation Committee (CAT).
- The Computing Accreditation Committee (CAC).

4. The Administration of ICACIT (AI)
Its mission is to execute the actions that allow to achieve the objectives established in the Master Plan, prepare and execute the Annual Operations Plan, reporting to the Board of Directors (CDI), and it is led by the General Manager.


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