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Sunday, March 3, 2024

To be part of the ICACIT System is to be committed to the development of the country through education, accreditation and continuous improvement of professional programs.

The member entities of the ICACIT System enjoy the following benefits:

a) Training (*) The commitment of the authorities, teachers, students and administrators is key for the accreditation of the programs. To support programs to achieve this objective, ICACIT offers them:

Accreditation Workshop on accreditation criteria, policies and procedures and the establishment of educational objectives, aimed at members of accreditation committees. (The workshop is on site at the request of the institution, with a duration of 4 hours and 15 people can participate).

Awareness talk about the benefits and value of accreditation, aimed at authorities, teachers, students and administrators. (The workshop is on site at the request of the institution, with a duration of 2 hours)

(*) The institution that requests some training for its program (s) must assume the expenses of transportation (air) and per diem (accommodation, food and local transportation) of the instructor.

b) Discounts on Events: Preferential discounts include:

ICACIT SYMPOSIUM, the most prestigious event on accreditation in engineering and computing in Latin America,

Advanced ICACIT Workshops, workshops dedicated to the in-depth development of accreditation criteria.

Various trainings organized by ICACIT Academy.

c) Special Access to the Evaluator Training Program: Knowing about accreditation from the evaluator's perspective can make a big difference when preparing for the evaluation of a program for accreditation purposes. For this reason, ICACIT opens the doors to all professionals involved in the program's accreditation process to participate in the ICACIT Evaluators Training and Selection Program.

d) International Observer Program: ICACIT As a member of the International Engineering Alliance (IEA), Lima Agreement (AL) and European Accreditation Network in Engineering Education (ENAEE), ICACIT establishes agreements with accrediting agencies of major engineering programs. prestige in the world. The member institutions of the ICACIT System can send Observers to the evaluations for accreditation purposes conducted by ABET in the United States and CEAB in Canada.

It is a requirement that the person interested in participating as an Observer has approved the ICACIT Evaluator Training Program.

e) Advertising in the Media: ICACIT distributes to all higher education institutions and main companies in the country the list of entities that are members of the ICACIT System, indicating that they are programs that have been working with a view to achieving Accreditation of their programs.

f) Prior Review: Mandatory process that determines if the program is ready for evaluation for accreditation purposes. The prior review serves to reduce the possibility that an institution without experience in Accreditation will spend resources without being properly prepared yet.

g) Support program: Program that aims to offer the member programs of the System a planned and systematized work, which allows them to understand our accreditation model, complete the self-study (evaluation report) and prepare for the evaluation.

For accredited programs: (Accreditation Maintenance)

They can enjoy all the benefits of the System plus the following:

a) Maintenance of Accreditation. During the validity period of the program's accreditation, ICACIT will carry out an annual follow-up review of its improvement plan. Therefore, all accredited programs must submit an Annual Report to ICACIT.

b) Download certificates of graduates from an accredited program: Engineers who have graduated from programs accredited by ICACIT - graduates since June 2017 - will be able to register in professional associations to obtain a license as a professional engineer in 14 of the 20 signatory countries of the Washington Agreement, from a computer application they will be able to download their proof for their CV or recognition process.

c) Advertising in the Media: ICACIT distributes to all higher education institutions and main companies in the country the list of accredited entities and programs, as well as relevant information on the advantages and benefits of ICACIT accreditation.

d) Annual update of the list of entities and programs that have accreditation: on our website and international web portals:, It also provides information on the ranking of America Economy.

e) 02 Grants to publish papers at the ICACIT Symposium ( where all the articles are in English

f) Use of the ICACIT LOGO: Being part of the ICACIT System is synonymous with a commitment to quality and continuous improvement. Institutions that wish to show this commitment and use the ICACIT logo on their website, information brochures, and other related materials must request authorization from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.