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Sunday, March 3, 2024

What is the Self-Study Report?

The Self-Study Report is the main document that each program uses to demonstrate compliance with ICACIT criteria and policies. The self-study report forms the initial basis for the evaluator team to determine if the program meets the ICACIT requirements.

While most of the Self-Study Report is presented in paragraphs, a program can use tables and graphs to demonstrate compliance with the ICACIT Criteria. The Self-Study Report also addresses the description of the courses and the curriculum vitae of the teachers.

The process of preparing the Self-Study Report takes approximately one year and is expected to be a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the strengths and limitations of the program under review. ICACIT recommends that programs familiarize themselves with the information requested in the Self-Study Report Template of the corresponding technical accreditation committee before submitting the Program Evaluation Request.

the Self-Study Report Template:

- Questionnaire of Self-study Computer Programs. [Click here]

- Self-Study Questionnaire Engineering Programs. [Click here]

- Self-Study Questionnaire Engineering Technology Programs. [Click here]