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Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Cycle 2017

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¿Who are ICACIT Evaluators?
The ICACIT volunteers participate in the evaluation for the purpose of accreditation of computing, engineering and technology: They review the self-study reports, visit the campuses of higher educational institutions and participate in accreditation decisions. The ICACIT volunteers play an essential role in the continuous improvement of academic programs are evaluated.
¿Opportunities for ICACIT Evaluators?

•  Gaining experience in accreditation processes international class.
•  Liaise with other international accrediting evaluators
•  Starring in the improvement of their profession
•  Learn about a wide variety of higher education institutions

Requirements to be an ICACIT Evaluator

•  Professional experience and recognition in their field or teaching experience.
•  Experience in accreditation processes or process quality improvement.
•  Membership in a professional association of their specialty. (preferred)
•  Proficiency in English (spoken and written).
•  Good performance in work teams.
•  Ability to communicate effectively.

¿Join as an ICACIT Evaluator?

Apply to Selection Program and Volunteer Training through the link below.

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