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Thursday, April 25, 2019
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There are two distinct phases in the ICACIT accreditation process: 

Assessment processes, which must be in place since the institution join ICACIT System and before a program’s formal submission of a Request for Evaluation (RFE).
• The 12-month accreditation process itself, which begins with a Request for Evaluation (RFE) submission.

Before the Accreditation Process: Assessment Planning
The first step in any institution that aspires to accredit their programs is to join the l ICACIT System.
Before an institution submits a formal Request for Evaluation for a program, the program must have in place processes for internal assessment. These processes may take several years to develop. During this preparation phase, a program must:

• Implement the assessment process for program educational objectives and student outcomes.
• Demonstrate a continuous improvement loop.
• Collect student work examples.
• Review the most up-to-date Accreditation Criteria, Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual, and Self-Study Questionnaire(s) which are updated every year.

Need Help with Assessment Planning?
The ICACIT System has a series of benefits to help you during the planning and assessment. Please see ICACIT System Benefits.

During the Accreditation Process
Programs that (1) have met the eligibility requirements for ICACIT accreditation and (2) implemented assessment processes may begin the accreditation process by filing a Request for Evaluation. This 12-month process is summarized below (including due dates).

Readiness Review
Programs seeking initial accreditation in a committee for which the institution has no current ICACIT-accredited programs must undergo a Readiness Review, will help ICACIT determine whether or not an institution is ready to submit a formal Request for Evaluation (RFE) for that program.

Request for Evaluation (RFE)
An RFE submission is due January 31st of the year in which a review is desired. RFEs should always be accompanied by official.

Self-Study Report
One Self-Study Report per program is due January 31st with the submission of a Request for Evaluation. Two copies should be submitted to ICACIT Headquarters by January 31st and then one copy should be provided to each review team member after they are designated.

On-Site Visit
On-site visits are typically scheduled between May and July in the same year of an RFE submission.

Due Process Response Period
In September ICACIT sends the institution a Draft Statement containing a section for each program reviewed. Since then the institution has 30 days to provide information on actions the programs have taken to resolve any shortcomings the team identified at the conclusion of the on-site visit.


Decision and Notification
Each team chair presents his/her team’s findings to the respective committee in November. A Final Statement will be prepared based on the review team’s findings, the program’s responses, and the responsible accreditation committee’s decision. The Final Statement is sent to the institution by December 1st.

After the Accreditation Process
ICACIT offers guidance on how to promote your program's accreditation, as well as information on appeals, the complaint process, and what kinds of program changes to report during the period of accreditation.

Promote Your Accreditation
Once a program has been notified of the accreditation action, the administrators should review the dos and don’ts of releasing accreditation information in Section II.A of the Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual before promoting a program’s accreditation.

Revisits, Reconsiderations and Appeals
Programs that receive Not-to-Accredit (NA) actions may be candidates for appeals, reconsiderations, and immediate re-visits.

Reporting Program Changes
Accredited programs are responsible for notifying ICACIT of any changes that potentially impact a program’s compliance with ICACIT accreditation criteria or policies.

It is ICACIT’s policy to review all complaints received from any source, including students, against an accredited program or its institution or ICAICT itself. Complaints must be in writing with the complainant’s name.

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